Charm: A Sonata in Three Movements


Charm: A Sonata in Three Movements


A radio play, Charm, A Sonata in Three Movements, is a meditation on the privileged upbringing of artist Rachel Rosenthal with the backdrop of the Nazi march to war in late 1930's Paris, based on Rosenthal's 1977 performance of the same name.

"This performance of Charm is dedicated to my father and mother, Leonard and Mara Rosenthal, and to all the members of my family killed in the Holocaust and World War II."

Charm was co-produced by High Performance and Jacki Apple for Soundings on KPFK Pacifica Radio with assistance from KPFK and the National/State/County Partnership. Executive producer of Soundings: Jacki Apple. Associate producer of HP Audio: Nathan Birnbaum.

Charm, was originally performed live only one time at Mt. St. Mary's College Art Gallery on January 28th, 1977.  A copy of the text can be found in Rachel Rosenthal's Book - Rachel's Brain and Other Storms - an anthology of 13 performance texts.

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  • The Narrator was Rachel Rosenthal with...
  • Lisa Gershten as "Little Rachel". 
  • Deborah McColl as "Rachel's Mother". 
  • Ronald Salley as "Rachel's Father". 
  • Deborah Oliver as "Rachel's Governess" and "The Maid". 
  • Christine Choi Ahmed as "The Voice In The Head". 
  • Rene Assa read the Science and Political sections.

Songs played during the performance: 

  • Josephine Baker - J'ai Deux Amours 
  • Maurice Chevalier - Nouveau Bonheur 
  • Fréhel - A La Derive 
  • Marlène Dietrich - Jonny 
  • Al Jolson - April Showers 
  • Fred Astaire - A Fine Romance and As You Look Tonight 
  • Damia - La Chaine (sic) 
  • Billie Holliday - Easy Living 
  • Lotte Lenya - Sailor Tango 
  • Rococco music, Nazi speeches and marches

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